date starts 1957… already pulling some of the worst shark attacks in history…

that december 7 fatal shark attacks. sounds like some rogue sharks… 😉 but seriously, that s serious. and not seen much. rarely ever seen EVER.

these reenactments are pretty bad. let me just say… the blood in the water looks like kool-aid. poor bobby! 😦  then alan green 😦 oh geezus shark week does not make sharks look nice. bobby lived but lost his leg, Alan unfortunately did not make it, he bled to death. poor boy. All the attacks happened around 4 o’clock.

p.s. if they are fishing on the beach a lot or there is a HUGE fishing industry around the area then you should not go swimming in the water if you are afraid of sharks.

that shot of the shark with its third eyelid coming over his eye was crazy cool. 🙂

was  not expecting all those sharks to come out.. HOLLY SHARK!! there were some pretty sharks in that water

Whaling is a serious matter too. I love sharks, but i don’t want to see any marine life dead, except maybe squids, those things are CREEPY!!

btw. Killing sharks just to KILL them, not to eat. is absolutely wrong, and it is a form of torture. PURE ANIMAL ABUSE!

when the mayor said that he wanted sharks shot. shows you want a real man he is. he isn’t one.

the water’s clarity in reenactments.

the foreshadowing in this show is priceless. poor Julia. 😦

i feel bad for these people being attacked. i never like it when sharks attack, it’s just not their nature to attack humans. Julia thankfully survived! Yayy Julia!!!

“it’s the ocean, not a swimming pool, no where is ‘Safe'” YEAHH BUDDY

poor derryk. he also bled to death, because the mayor did not care about safety he cared about money. Greed is not healthy for the enviroment.

so many fish die in the shark safety nets. (including sharks, turtles, and dolphins)

this mayor is so stupid..

7 attacks, 4 dead. IS THIS BEACH STILL OPEN?

no sharks were harmed during the filming of this show.. (: love